External Researcher

Email: cristian (dot) bonanomi (at) gmail (dot) com

Research interests: Computer graphics, vision human perception, color appearance models, color rendering indices, stereoscopy, high dynamic range imaging, digital photography. 

Research description: His current research activity is mainly focused on perceptual aspects in stereoscopic and high dynamic range monitor. He is studying the principles for assessing the acquisition and reproduction quality for stereoscopic visualization, even in the medical field, using a 3D endoscope. At the same time he works on spatial color algorithms (SCAs), which recalculated the value of a pixel based on the content of the image itself. These algorithms attempt to mimic some of the mechanisms of the human visual system, such as the color constancy. The result is the simulation of the appearance, i.e. an estimation of the human visual sensation. The Color Spatial Algorithms have been successfully used in the field of cultural heritage. Thanks to their property was in fact possible to restore digitized films, eliminating color casts and recovering the luminance dynamic range and the original contrast. He used the same algorithms as methods for compensating color differences between the left and right frame of a stereo movie, acquired with two different devices or differently calibrated using algorithms based on perceptive mechanisms for spatial processing of color.