External Researcher

Email: gabriele (dot) simone (at) di (dot) unimi (dot) it

Research interests: Colorimetry Software, Color Difference, Color Perception, Image Difference Metrics, Image Quality, Image Enhancement, Swarm Intelligence for Image Processing.

Research description: Gabriele Simone received his BIT in 2005 and his MSIT in 2007 both at University of Milan-Department of Computer Science, Italy. He accomplished a PhD in Color Imaging in 2016 at University of Oslo-Department of Informatics, Norway in collaboration with the Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory at NTNU i Gjøvik, Norway. His main research interests are contrast measures, image difference metrics and spatial color algorithms for HDR images. Today he is working as Software Engineer at Renesas Electronics Corporation and he is collaborator with the Multimedia Interaction Perception and Social Lab at University of Milano.

Download “Colorimetric eXercise” software at:


ISBN: 9781118894446