Assistant Professor

Email: valtolin (at) di (dot) unimi (dot) it

Research interests: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Creative Design, Advanced Data Management, as well as studies in semantic, social and cultural aspects of information technologies with an emphasis on the application of this knowledge to interaction design.

Research description: He obtained his PhD in “Informatics” from Università degli Studi di Milano and a MSc in Computer Science from the same university. Stefano Valtolina’s research activity is directed toward the study of aspects of Human Computer Interaction and Database Management investigating methods, interactive systems, and tools for Knowledge Management and Fruition. In this context he has taken part in several national and European Projects in different applicative contexts amongst which: Valorisation and dissemination of cultural information: design of system for semantically sharing, integrating and enriching knowledge bases belonging to different museums, libraries and digital archive; Collaborative analysis and visual optimization of real objects in augmented reality environments in the context of industrial design projects; Study of models for knowledge sharing and enhancing in users community through the use of multimedia, multimodal and mobile annotation techniques; Definition of creative design processes applied in the scientific and technological problem solving based on End-User Development (EUD) and meta-design approaches in order to provide useful strategies and tools for supporting creative interactions among users coming from different domains; Design of user-centered recommendation services in the context of e-learning and e-teaching platforms, for supporting teachers by exploiting the contributions of social networks able to enhance and enrich didactic contents proposed by their members; Development of intelligent services able to provide users with a decision-making process interactively accessible and to integrate it with social and crowdsourcing analysis, and interpretations that can lead to a new and meaningful use and presentation of data in Internet of Things (IoT) contexts of use. In the context of these research lines, Stefano Valtolina has taken or is taking on the role of scientist in charge or collaborator in the context of several national and international projects.