PhD Student

Email: matteo (dot) lanaro (at) unimi (dot) it

Research interests: Retina, Color vision deficiency, Visual perception, Color theory.

Research description: Matteo Paolo Lanaro is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Milan. His research is focused on investigating the parameters that regulate the spatial distribution of photoreceptors in the human retina, and how the highly variable ratio of L to M cones between individuals affects our perception of color. To do this he is developing a model and its implementation of a human retina, to apply statistical models of photoreceptors distributions, validate them and hopefully create a functional model that will allow to simulate the photoreceptors’ behavior in relation to the phototransduction of the visual signals and the elaboration of these signals in the retinal circuitry, to gain more insights on some unclear aspects of how a light stimulus relates to the perception of color. His research field also includes Color Vision Deficiency, also referred to as color blindness, and image processing techniques used to improve images for people with CVD, called Daltonization methods, consisting in a series of color correction algorithms that modify content in order to make it accessible for CVD observers.