The research of MIPS in Interaction field focuses on the study of Human-Computer Interaction. Particularly, we investigate methods for the design of user-centered interaction styles design.

This is carried out through the development of participatory and multi-modal systems according to usability engineering guidelines. Additionally, we adopt methods for the design of interactive systems and processes for knowledge management in support of computer-mediated human-machine and human-human communication.

We study the process of digital communication through the application of theories related to computer semiotics, a discipline that assesses the design of interactive software systems such as the construction of messages from the designer to the user.

We carry out studies in the areas of:

  • visual languages
  • design methodologies and development of interactive visual environments
  • customization and localization of interactive systems
  • creative design
  • end-user development and meta-design
  • methods for knowledge bases management by means of semantic integration of heterogeneous data sources and Web services

In the context of this research, we are active in National and International projects aimed at developing interactive multimodal systems in different domain contexts, especially in the field of cultural heritage and industrial design.