Retinex Land's model simulates human colour vision - Applying Retinex to GIF images to equalise colours.

Left: the original image; right: the transformed image.

The original image is an 8 bit GIF picture (80K), the transformed is 24 bit SGI (400K)

Applying Retinex to special patterns simulates colour illusion effects.

Josef Albers has explored some visual illusions due to colour contrast.

The first couple of images are taken from the cover of the paperback edition of Albers book: Interaction of Colours. The small brown square on the upper half seems to have a different saturation from the lower one.

The second couple of images is another Albers' original example of a smooth changing green pattern with a surrounding lighter grey cross: the visual illusions (see left) makes the grey cross to appear as non uniform.

The right hand images confirm the illusion: you can check by testing the HSV value.

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