XEVA applications on confocal laser microscope visualisation at Agouron Institute by Daniel Chin

Some animations:

A ceramic turbine blade (62K).

This sample has been acquired using a micro focus conic projection X-ray Tomograph; the size is ca. 3 cm. long.

A ceramic pre combustion chamber (434K).

This animation shows a micron size defects in a ceramic component. The sample has been acquired with a micro focus conic projection X-ray tomograph. There are three main scenes: first the single slices are displayed in sequence; second the volume is built up by stacking the slices; third the rendering smoothly changes from opaque threshold to transparent rendering, while a section plane makes more visible the interior of the volume. Final frames show one of the voids included in the ceramic object.

Some medical data:

A brain tumour, volume size: 61x144x144 (43K)

A dry skull, volume size: 255x220x176 (17K)