The RayFilling algorithm

      The RayFilling algorithm allows to accelerate ray casting and ray tracing taking advantage from a known initial intersection ray, which becomes the seed of an image filling approach.

The algorithm can be integrated into any ray tracer.

      • See: V.Belloli, S. Callegari, M. Della Monica, C. Gatti, D. Marini, "RayFilling: a new method to accelerate ray tracing for interactive modelling and rendering of solid objects", Computer & Graphics, vol. 18 n.5, (1994)

Examples of RayFilling

(8K) A model of a phone and answering machine, modelled and rendered applying RayFilling algorithm.

(12K) Progressive refinement of RayFilling algorithm by sparse points.

(8K) Progressive refinement of RayFilling algorithm by sub sampling.

(18K) Intermediate result of RayFilling a CSG tree by 4-connected regions on the image plane