Overview of the research on Volume Analysis and Rendering

Our research in Volume analysis and rendering started in 1989 under a research contract with the EEC. The principal aim of the project, now concluded, was to develop a system to test and inspect technical ceramics using X-Ray Voludensitometry.

A special scanner has been realised by Intercontrol (Paris) and Leti (Grenoble), based on a microfocus device, and on conic projection to minimise effects due to non isotropy, typical of slice scanners. Polytechnic of Madrid tuned an efficient algorithm to reconstruct a volume from multiple conic projections; while Regie Renault (Paris) provided specification of some typical part to be produced by Fairey Techramics (Manchester). Our Laboratory developed EVA-VisualStudio to display, classify and inspect reconstructed volume data. The focus of our research is on five aspects:

  • high quality rendering of a data set, using a variety of methods: threshold, mixture models with percentage classification, x-ray simulation;
  • ray tracing and splatting rendering methods;
  • semi automatic classification, based on interactive manipulation of histogram to select thresholds to be used for the different rendering methods;
  • easy to use interactive and standard system;
  • porting of the rendering engine on supercomputer and parallel machine (Paragon Intel, KSR1, Convex) to improve rendering speed on big data sets.


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