T.Arc.H.N.A. (Towards Archaeological Heritage New Accessibility) is partially funded by EU under the EC-grant No 2004-1488/001-001, CLT-CA22 (CULTURE2000 2004-2007). Tarchna is the Etruscan name of the ancient city of Tarquinia and T.Arc.H.N.A. is the name of the new accessibility model for cultural heritage information proposed in the context of the Culture2000: European founded project and coordinated by the Department of Computer Science and Communication (DICo) and the Department of Ancient Science of Università degli Studi di Milano.

T.Arc.H.N.A is a interdisciplinary project, the goal of which is to develop new models and tools supporting a personalized access to cultural heritage collected in multiple museums in order to enhance the value of the Etruscan culture, which goes back to the roots of the European History.

T.Arc.H.N.A's approach is based on the creation of a semantic representation of the knowledge baseA semantic layer used both to integrate different databases owned by several museums and to promote contextualized accesses to the data sources according to their real artistic, historical and anthropological meaning.

The knowledge is disseminated to the large public by means of "Virtual Wings", a family of interactive systems able to offer customizable tours according to the real needs and interests of the users.

Status: Closed.