Cultural Heritage

Colorimetry is widely used in many fields of application and has become an essential science in the study and analysis of cultural heritage. In this field, the study of colors is fundamental, because color has not only an expressive role, but it is also a physical part of the historical objects and must be identified, conserved, restored and promoted.

Color analysis in cultural heritage

In cultural heritage, it is widely spread the use of spectroscopy to identify the materials composing the works of art (e.g., pigments identification in paintings), but also for restoration and retrieval. Therefore, it is applied mainly for the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the materials, without considering the appearance and psycho-physical process of color perception. The use of colorimetry in cultural heritage application is limited to the numerical definition of point-wise color, in order to assess the color fading on a surface, monitor aging processes, evaluate innovative protective or cleaning products,... . In this context, the wrong use of spectral data and the application of point-wise colorimetry in non-standard conditions can lead to problems in the computation of colorimetric spatial coordinates and color perception modeling.
At MIPS lab different studies on colorimetric application in cultural hetirage have been conducted, from the analysis of light sources and lighting in museal consitions, to gemstones color assessment and from mural paintings to ancient documents. A core application of our lab is filmrestoration, and an in-depht presentation of our research in this field is reported in section Film restoration.


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