MIPS history of research


The Multimedia section of MIPS Lab has its origins in the work of Prof. Maria Alberta Alberti at Università degli Studi di Milano. Some of the most important milestones in Alberti's research activity:

  • COLOS, a European Project aimed at supporting concept learning and deeper understanding in the field of science and technology, making optimal use of the didactical potential of modern communication technologies.
  • The Virtual Theatre: Experimenting Web technologies to access an opera theatre.
  • Unione Scienziati Per Il Disarmo (USPID) - Union of Scientists For Disarmamannt.


The Perception section of MIPS Lab has its origins in the Eidomatics Laboratory, established by Prof. Daniele Marini, and the Perception, Human Factors and Technology Laboratory, established by Prof. Alessandro Rizzi at Università degli Studi di Milano. Some of the most important scientific results of EidoLab and PHT Lab: Photorealism Accurate photometric modelling, optimisation and parallelisation of ray-tracing and radiosity algorithms.

  • FOTOSINT: the Radiosity approach
  • FOTOSINT: the Ray Tracing approach
  • Parallelising Ray Tracing
  • Application of Photorealistic Techniques to Cultural Heritage
Volume Rendering EVA-VisualStudio: an interactive system for Volume Visualisation, Analysis and Classification.
  • EVA Project: the ray tracing approach
  • EVA Project: the splatting approach
Visualization of Digital Terrain Models TISS: an interactive system to build and visualize Digital Terrain Models with photorealistic effects Colour Vision Computer simulation of Edwin Land's Retinex Model. Fractal Image Compression Yet another implementation of IFS image compression. Object Oriented geometric modelling and construction GEObject: an object oriented system for interactive geometric modelling and geometric construction, that mimics plane constructive euclidean geometry.


The Interaction section of MIPS Lab has its origins in the Computer Semiotics Laboratory (CSLab), established in 2007 by the late Prof. Piero Mussio, Full Professor in Computer Science at Università degli Studi di Milano. Some of the most important milestones in CSLab activity:

  • CoPDA workshops 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.
  • Workshop “CDCH 2012: Creative Design for Interdisciplinary Projects in Cultural Heritage”, held in conjunction with VL/HCC 2012 Conference. Innsbruck, Austria. October 4th, 2012.
  • “EtrusCHI? Archeologi e informatici alla scoperta del patrimonio etrusco” - The CSLab in collaboration with the Etruscologists of Università degli Studi di Milano took part to the Researchers' Night 2012, MEETmeTONIGHT. September 28, 2012
  • Stefano Valtolina: Ph.D. course “Social Creativity and Cultures of Participation” – February 20th to April 12th 2012
  • Gerhard Fischer: Ph.D. course “Human-Centered Computing Themes for the Future” – February 20-22, 2012
  • Anders Morch: Ph.D. course “Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Learning” – April 2-3, 2012
  • Workshop “Creativity and complexity in interdisciplinary design teams”. Tarquinia, Italy. July 11-12 2011.
  • Piero Mussio: Ph.D. course “Modelling processes, multimedia interaction and communities” June 2010
  • First EUD4Services workshop, held in conjunction with AVI2010 Conference. Rome, Italy. May 25th, 2010.
  • DESIRE Project: Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology - Initial Training Network, EU Framework 7, Marie Curie Programme – 2008-2012
  • First International Summer School “Theories of Creative Design for innovation in science and technology” - Palazzo Feltrinelli – Università degli Studi di Milano - Gargnano del Garda (BS), Italy - September 20-26, 2009
  • Alan Dix - Ph.D course on “Human Computer Interaction: Exploring the outer limits” – 12-14 maggio 2009
  • Henry Linger – Seminar “Developing ICT Application to Support Knowledge Work: an Exploration of Theoretical, Conceptual and Methodological Issues” – 18 novembre 2008
  • Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza – Seminar “Getting HCI designers' message across to users” - September 10, 2008
  • Athula Ginige - Seminar “Supporting co-evolution of Web based Information Systems using Meta-Design Paradigm” - July 13 2007