Here you can download the open sources application that we developed in our Lab and access to all the open source materials that we developed.



PhotoFire2 is an open-source online database of technical data of photographic and cinematographic films.
The website is avaible in avaiable at this link in ITALIAN and ENGLISH:
You can read more the project in the Film Restoration section.
Website created by Arianna Crespi and Giulia Morabito , database developed by Arianna Crespi .


Colorimetric eXercise

Colorimetry is a science with high visual value and with a strong connection with measurements and computations. Measurements, colorimetric computations, monitor visualizations of the colours, and today colour management in image acquisitions and reproductions and colorant formulations, are made by a computer. These practical reasons induced us to collect all the standard definitions of the colorimetric quantities, the algorithms, the atlases and to present all that in ready to use software, named ‘Colorimetric eXercise’
The main purposes of the software are:

  1. to support teachers and students in learning colorimetry

  2. to provide the lab technicians with an useful tool for computations

Download Standard Colorimetry Software:
Software developed by Gabriele Simone .

Basic colorimetric numerical calculations in C++

Attachment of "Chapter 1 Introduction to Standard Colorimetry" in "Color Design and Technology A Multidisciplinary Approach to Colour Part 1". Edited and developed by Gabriele Simone and Mauro Fiorentini.
DOI: 10.23738/RCASB.00501

Download the C++ software:
Software developed by Mauro fiorentini and Gabriele Simone .


SCAs algorithms

Color can deeply change its characteristics when put and analyzed into its spatial context. This consideration has originated a group of algorithms which aim to change a point according to the whole scene in which the point is observed. The term used to refer to these algorithms is "Spatial Color Algorithms" (SCAs). In the last years, we proposed several SCAs, based or inspired by Retinex theory of color vision. Here you can download some SCAs executable:

  1. ACE (Automatic Color Equalization) developed by Carlo Gatta:

  2. RSR (Random Spray Retinex)- ACE - RACE developed by Carlo Gatta:

  3. Termite developed by Gabriele Simone:


Color deficiency in complex spatial contexts

Test your ability to match colors and help us in the development of new methods of screening for color deficiency.
The test is avaiable at this link in ITALIAN and ENGLISH:
Test developed by Luca Armellin .

qU a game app to investigate the role of edges in color vision deficiency

Try to save the qUs! Test your ability to discriminate color nuances!
Play all levels and collect all the cards to find out more about the colors.
Download the app from the link below, and complete the game. For even more help, share this game with your friends.